North Chicago Consumption Lounge was created to provide a high end cannabis consumption experience. North Chicago Consumption Lounge will be expanding their brand and lounges throughout the state of Illinois. North Chicago Consumption Lounge will cultivate the cannabis consumption space and curate a number of events through partnerships with other cannabis companies.

The next opportunity for cannabis are the consumption lounges. Through the consumption lounge space people can realize opportunities in cannabis and generate a profitable business in the Illinois cannabis industry. Below the basic current laws are listed:

• Where can I purchase cannabis?
o Only from an authorized and licensed dispensary. Private sales are illegal.
• Where is the use of cannabis prohibited?
o The use of cannabis is prohibited is all public places. A “public place” means any place where a person could reasonably be expected to be observed by others.The law also prohibits smoking in close physical proximity to anyone under 21 who is not a registered medical cannabis patient.
• Where can I use cannabis?
o Cannabis can only be used in a private residence or in an on premise authorized dispensary. Cannabis cannot be used in close physical proximity to an individual under 21 years of age.
• Can I use or possess cannabis in my private residence?
o Yes, as long as the residence is not used as a daycare and/or you are not in the close proximity of someone under the age of 21.

Revenue Streams:
• Admission Fees
• Equipment Rental Fees
• Event Space Rental Fees
• Merchandise Sales
• Table Reservations

Customer Market 1.3-1.6 Million cannabis consumers:
• All consumers need somewhere to consume
• Large percentage of market is out of state